My work reveals an interplay of patterns, textures and colors found in the natural world with those found in fabricated elements such as weavings and architecture. I have spent some time at the beach, in Truro, Mass. in particular, during the winter where the stark beauty of bare trees, silver light, and unspoiled patterns in the sand are clearly evident. The woods reveal undergrowth, lichen, moss, and iridescent skies, while the beach reveals dark pools of water at low tide, and patterns of gray powdery markings as evidence of high tide. Walking through this harsh yet beautiful environment I experience an all-embracing merging of earth, sky, water, and sand. A recent move back to the Upper West Side of Manhattan close to the Hudson River has become a renewed source of inspiration. The confluence of water, sky, and rocky outcroppings contrasted with the reflective surfaces of nearby skyscrapers provide a constant source of inspiration. My studio in Yonkers, N.Y. is in a turn of the century carpet mill overlooking hills and industrial complexes, another locale containing the merging of elements integral to my work.